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Please feel free to browse around our website and stay as long as you wish. If you ever have any questions or comments, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is just a click or call away. If you are looking to have an item calibrated etc. Please select the Service Center icon below. Thank you for choosing Precision Gage!

We’re pleased to announce that Charlie Beninati is once again heading up daily operations of Precision Gage, Inc. as its new owner, effective January 1, 2016.

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Lab Certificates are NIST traceable and meet the requirement for ISO 17025.  Before and after data with tolerances are shown to you so you will be able to view the wear on your tools.  Labels are also applied to items identified with the date of calibration.

Pressure is used for controlling hydraulic units under thousand Service Centerof PSI or measuringairflowin inches of water.  Accurate gagesmean accurate process and product.  Verifying the accuracy of your gages by calibration is a prudent and cost effective way of maintaining consistent production.


  Torque plays a big role in today’s manufacturing industry.    Assemblies of delicate circuit boards requiring the use of torque   wrench reading down to .1 in oz. or large torque wrenches
  600-ft lbs. used in construction.  Precision Gage can calibrate   and repair your equipment.

Temperature measurement inaccuracies can ruin products.  Precision Gage will insure that your products pass inspection with accurate reading controls and environments.  Calibration of probes and displays gives you the accuracy you need.

Repair  Repair of your equipment can save your company hundreds if   not thousands of dollars.  Torque tools that are abused or that   have normal wear and tear can be adjusted and parts   replaced. Dimensional tools that get damaged or read out of   tolerance can  be reworked and brought back to like new   condition. With  thousands of  parts in stock from all major manufactures we can return your tools in a reasonable time.

Our calibration Lab has the environment and equipment to calibrate a large or variety of tools.  Calibration of items as gage blocks with tolerances in the microns or larger items with custom specification for First Article Inspection can be done in our lab.

Temperature  On-site calibration services are also available for company’s that need   quality  calibration without the down time.  For an additional fee we will   schedule our technician to come to your facility and certify and label your   equipment. Minor   repairs and adjustments can be done on site and with   major repairs brought back to Precision Gage, Inc.

BOss Tachometers are used to measure spindle speeds or used to measure distance. These tools need to be accurate and can be verified at Precision Gage. From speeds from 60-100,000 RPM, we will test both; physical and frequencies for contact; non-contact Tachometer.

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